As a designer, Shanon listens carefully to her clients to develop a design that works with their lifestyle and their budget. Having worked with her general contractor husband for over a decade, she has learned a lot about the construction process and the various requirements of the building department. This knowledge can be applied to your project to ensure a smooth process and an end product you will love and can afford to build.

“The design process is very much a collaborative effort. I start by learning what my clients love and what is important to them, then guide them to a design that works for them and their budget. It doesn’t make sense to design something they can’t afford to build or doesn’t work for their lifestyle. I have also learned that most things that are important to people, don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Good design does not have to cost a fortune. I am very much into the flow and function of a space. I also pay a lot of attention to how the inside connects to the outside. We live in Southern California so a well designed outside space that easily draws you out, is a space that will be used and enjoyed.”

Shanon can help you through the entire process from design, budget, permits and fruition. She will be there to help you visualize the big picture and work out the small details.